Antimicrobial Coating That Protect Your Loved Ones Anytime Anywhere

SDPro Coating

  • Revolutionary Antimicrobial Surface Coating Treatment
  • Registered with US EPA, NEA, NRCS, CDC, ANVISA
  • Kill coronavirus, influenza virus, other viruses and bacteria by physically destruct the structure of the viruses, bacteria and fungi

Mechanism of SDPro

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Characteristics of SDPro



Antimicrobial active agent is US EPA certified and is one of the safest, non toxic active ingredients in the world
Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Attraction

The unique antimicrobial active attracts microbes to the surface and kills them while preventing them from breeding
Nano Sized Molecular Sword

Nano Sized Molecular Sword

Which pierces through the cell membrane and ruptures its structure. It is the only non-sacrificial, persistent anti-germ product in the world
Covalent Bonding

Covalent Bonding

Enables the solution to bond to any surface and can be applied to all types of surfaces, porous and non-porous, even textile and leather

What We Can Offer

SDPro Coating for Sanitization

Coating on common touch points for commercial building, residential, industrial and even transportation to prevent cross contamination. SDPro coating can protects you for the long run.

SDPro Coating for Merchandise

Coating on common used consumer items to prevent cross contamination and to protect our loved ones. The first and exclusive in the market. SDPro antimicrobial coating on corporate and promotional gifts.